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How to Create an Instagram Worthy Interior

If you spend hours trawling through Instagram looking through everyone else’s incredible interiors and wish yours could compare, these tips to create an Instagrammable interior are here to save the day. From perfect selfie backgrounds to fabulous finishing touches, your followers will love your new Instagram.

Play with Textures

Looking at Vogue’s best interior Instagram accounts to follow, you’ll be surprised to see how comfortable and cosy some of these are. Soft textures are perfect for creating beautiful photos of your home. Think cosy fleeces, shaggy rugs and fluffy cushions – use textures to create an inviting and interesting effect. To create a bit more contrast, use different textures like wood, metal, cork and glass. If you have a really modern home and want to channel a high-end, minimalist look, then incorporate this into your photos too.

Obsess Over Lighting

When it comes to photography, lighting is everything. There are a whole host of tips and tricks for taking the best Instagram photos, and it’s worth looking at a few guides if you really want to up your game. Using natural light is always a great way to ensure bright and airy photos, and using the grid feature is essential for making sure your photos are straight and any lines match up. There are also lots of different apps you can use to make your photos a little extra special. Try and find unusual light sources, like the sun through a staircase or the soft glow of a real fire.

Create the Perfect Make-Up Space

Another great way to make your interior Instagram-ready is to spend some time making the perfect getting ready space. Whether you use a dressing table, a bathroom counter or somewhere else to get ready in the morning, choose a dedicated make-up space and make it beautiful! Organise your cosmetics so you can find them all easily, find cute storage solutions, and make sure you have a clean mirror and well-lit space that’s perfect for photos. Go all out and get a Hollywood mirror or a cute sign with a quote you love to see every morning.

Pay Attention to Details

Some of the most popular Instagram interiors feeds are all about the details. From carefully selected candle colours to the perfect potted plant – these little details are what can make or break an Instagram interior account. Look for unusual details in your home. Maybe you have a great book collection, you have awesome shoe storage, or you hang up your scarves in the hallway – be creative and try and capture things that are uniquely you. These kinds of details are perfect for taking close-up shots and mixing up the perspectives on your feed.

Double Triple Check

We’ve all seen the awkward selfies with messy bedrooms reflected in mirrors and things you’d rather not broadcast left on the side. Before you post your Instagram interior, be careful, double check there isn’t anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see and make sure everything is on point. There’s no reason you can’t take as many photos as you want and choose the best!

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