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6 of the Best UK Investment Blogs to Follow

The internet can be an incredible resource for valuable and helpful investment guides and advice, not just for funny cat videos. Want to read some more into investment and finance? Here are six of the best UK investment blogs you should be reading.

Financial advice blog – The Motley Fool

You might think that a blog with the word ‘fool’ in the title might be something to avoid rather than follow and take inspiration from, but with a purpose statement of making the world “Smarter, happier, and richer”, The Motley Fool makes for quite the popular resource. Established over 20 years ago and covering a wide range of different relevant topics, from up-to-date news, to general blog posts, to guides, the ‘Full-time fools’ and ‘foolish freelancers’ produce a ton of different content. The blog is easy to navigate and use, and is a great resource for anyone looking to become more savvy with their money, and also perhaps look into investment as a financial strategy for the future.

Split into different sections at the top of the site, the Motley Fool gives the latest share tips and guides on how to invest, retirement planning, and personal finance. Thinking of looking into and investing in the stock market as a way of achieving financial freedom? Alongside the latest news and trends on the stock market, the site also gives clear cut advice on investing basics, how to buy shares, and also how to build a solid share portfolio. Investing in the stock market can at times be a volatile and uncertain practice, and so it’s good to have as much knowledge as you can on the field.

Property Investment blog UK – Property reporter

Property Reporter is a news site dedicated to property investment specifically, and so if this is an asset class that you’re particularly interested in, it might be worth looking into. As stated above, investment markets are constantly changing and adapting into different things, so you need to keep your eye on developing stories and news pieces as they come out in order to keep you on track. Property Reporter, a property investment blog UK wide, is one of the many sites out there that does just that.

As part of a wider brand encompassing three different sites, Property Reporter is connected to two additional sites also, Commercial Reporter – which offers features and news on the ongoings in the general commercial business sector – and Financial Reporter – keeping you up to date on news to do with, you guessed it, finance.

UK Investment Blogs - Flag & Stocks

Investment advice blog – Skint Dad

Another successful investment blog for beginners that has been featured in the likes of The Mirror, the Daily Express and on BBC Radio, Skint Dad is a great resource for those with a family and young children to look out for.  Not only does this website offer some great starting investment strategies for those with no savings stored away, but there are some helpful savings strategies outlined which might help you to get some starting cash together quite quickly.

Everyone loves to win something for free, and so as an extra component, Skint Dad also has a competition section, where you can win different prizes and gifts just for visiting. Even if you don’t get lucky, there’s always a nice piece highlighting some different offers and freebies available from high-street stores. They might not help you to establish a long-term investment portfolio, but every little helps, and the tips and tricks on this site might help you to get into a more positive savings mindset, which will, in turn, affect your overall investment prospects.

Investment advice blog – Money Magpie

An extremely popular financial resource that’s been featured on the BBC and Sky News, Money Magpie offers a range of different blog articles, tips and tricks on how to make money, how to save money, and how to manage your money. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone’s in a different financial situation, and sometimes it can be difficult to find advice and information that specifically appeals to your own personal investment/savings needs. Money Magpie helps to combat this by providing clear subcategories and ideas for parents, over 50s, students, unemployed, professionals, and those with disabilities. There should be something for everyone, and it’s a great investment blog for beginners.

Best investment advice websites – UK Investing Reddit

While this might not be a blog or dedicated site necessarily, it’s a great place to share your thoughts and ideas, and reach out to a like-minded community if you want an outsider’s perspective on how you’re considering investing. Being completely user-generated, you might not always get the valuable opinion of an expert, shall we say, but you also benefit from knowing there will be no bias on what you’re reading.

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s a forum-like website separated into thousands of different subtopics, where users can contribute ideas and posts, ask each other for questions and support, and share success stories and images. This particular arm of the site, dedicated to investment in the UK, is full of helpful stories and trends from investors sharing tips and portfolio advice with each other.


A personal finance magazine and website that has been going for almost 30 years, Moneywise is another valuable resource with a ton of blog posts and investment articles covering some insightful and entertaining topics. The website itself has a variety of helpful stuff, but their award-winning magazine is also just over £30 for twelve months, so if you like having something physical on your coffee table to read of a morning, alongside the investment blogs you should be reading, then there’s an option there for you.

Remember, try to read as widely as you possibly can, and take in information from a variety of different sources in order to form your own opinion. Ultimately, no one can make your own investment and financial decisions for you, and so you shouldn’t take one certain guide or article as gospel. Factor in your own contextual situation and things like current priorities, family, outstanding debts and balances etc, and forge your own financial plan. When done, you might even decide to publish your own guide and pay it forward to the next hopeful investor.

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